Why ONX IT Solutions

We’re dedicated to keeping your business protected, productive, and profitable


Brandon Joiner


Why ONX IT Solutions was founded

Brandon Joiner founded ONX IT Solutions after realizing that most MSPs are ill-equipped to offer the proper training and consulting services that our clients require. ONX IT Solutions gets to know our clients’ systems and software intimately, becoming the subject-matter expert on their IT environments. Hiring ONX IT Solutions is like having your own in-house IT department without the high overhead. When you hire us, you will never hear “that is not our problem.” If your internet goes down, we call your ISP; if your printer breaks, we call the copier company. We are your one-call answer for everything IT.


The ONX IT Solutions difference

ONX IT Solutions offers a stack of services bundled into a flat, monthly, per-machine rate, or individual services in a-la-carte options, including hosted email through Office 365, security through SentinelOne, Two-Factor Authentication through Duo, and many others. We can even offer cloud-hosted email signatures, VoIP service, and password management software rolled into one monthly bill. We tailor our services to satisfy each client, but security is always paramount. We pride ourselves on not over complicating things while delivering solid, tested solutions to our clients.


Professional services with a personal touch

We’re large enough to provide comprehensive IT services to businesses of all sizes, yet small enough to deliver them with a personal touch. We have the equipment and expertise to handle any job large or small. Our technicians develop solutions to suit your company’s needs and budget, never taking a “cookie-cutter” approach with our clients.