Cloud-integrated telephony for feature-rich and crystal-clear calls, HD video conferencing, and more

Whether operating a single small office with a handful of employees or a corporate enterprise with multiple locations and hundreds of users, ONX IT Solutions’s VoIP telephony solutions will exceed your expectations of what a telephone can do. Whether you prioritize robust third-party software integration or ease-of-use capabilities, ONX IT Solutions has a VoIP solution for you.

Jive is the easiest-to-use, most-affordable VoIP platform on the market, and we have helped many KC small businesses enhance their phone and conferencing systems without overcomplicating them. But, for larger organizations that need more advanced capabilities — device provisioning & management, central partner portals & unified consoles, third-party integration — we’re a proud partner of BVoIP as well — a versatile, robust telecommunications solution for large organizations.

Whatever your price point or needs, we’ve got a way to make your business communications better.

VoIP solutions from ONX IT Solutions offer you:

High-speed UniFi® internet from ONX IT Solutions lets you enjoy:
  • Precise Budgeting – with options to scale up or down, based on your needs and desired price points
  • Crystal-Clear Communication – with voice, video, and data sharing over high-speed Wi-Fi, no matter what option you choose.
  • Cost Savings – when you ditch your phone bill and start connecting over the internet
  • Unified Communications – in a single, digital system that integrates text, voice, video, and more.
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The easiest and most affordable option for business phone systems, Jive’s cloud VoIP service has helped thousands of organizations simplify how they manage their phone and conferencing setup.




Flexible, reliable, and creative cloud-unified communication solutions to grow businesses with focus and clarity.