Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting

Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting

Small business cybersecurity consulting is something that isn’t always discussed among business owners. It should be!

When you think of security consulting services, it may seem as simple as installing an anti-phishing tool or antiviral software onto your network and computer systems. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case! 

We’re going to tell you how small business cybersecurity consulting can benefit small and medium-sized companies as well as why it’s important to see the whole security picture, rather than the smaller details. Keep reading for more information! 

Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting 

As a leader in security consulting services, we know that cyber threats can change at a moment’s notice. While these threats do change often, chances are, your staff and building layout doesn’t.

We mention this right away because your staff, their habits, and your building are three huge factors that can contribute to your company’s cybersecurity. If you simply choose to install security software but never take any other approach to your cybersecurity, you could leave yourself open for cyber attacks, or at least a potential data breach. 

One of our security consultants will observe how your employees use and access their devices, looking for any way that they may unintentionally open your company up to threats. Additionally, we’ll look at how your building is secured and if the current configuration and layout is conducive to the best possible cybersecurity measures. 

Back-up and Disaster Recovery

A well-rounded cyber security plan will protect your devices, programs, networks, and data from unauthorized use and access and address all issues that can contribute to a cybersecurity problem. In addition to protecting each of these aspects of your business, we also help to build your business continuity plan.

A business continuity plan will help your company continue to run in the event of a somewhat successful cybersecurity attack, a data breach, or natural disaster. For this plan to work, your entire IT system is backed up to a remote location on a regular basis, giving you access to the last version should you need it. This backup may also be saved into a cloud that you can access from anywhere in the world. 

These services are often thought of as something completely different than cybersecurity but they go hand-in-hand. Ideally, you’ll never need any backed up version of your data, but it’s the insurance plan your business hopefully never uses yet will be happy to have if needed.

About Our Services

Our small business cybersecurity consulting services cover every aspect mentioned above. A consultant from our team will analyze your IT infrastructure for any vulnerabilities, observe your employees’ computer use, and ensure that any access to your on-site data storage is secure. 

From there, we will determine the best types of software to protect your business and help train your employees on the best practices for sharing and accessing information. We can also develop a business continuity plan to use in the event of a disaster.

We offer continuous monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure and security software to alert you to any potential threats and system vulnerabilities. Additionally, we perform regular penetration testing to ensure your cybersecurity strategy is held to the highest standards and that there aren’t any ‘holes’ for attackers to sneak through. 

Overall, our goal is simple: to keep your small business’ IT infrastructure, networks, computers, and sensitive data safe and secure by offering the best preventative software, monitoring, and education about cybersecurity. 

Because we understand the ever-increasing need for cybersecurity and the sometimes lower budgets of small and medium-sized businesses, we aim to work with every business owner on the overall cost of our services while still maintaining high-quality services. 

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When you’re ready to find out more about how having the proper cybersecurity in place can positively impact your business, don’t hesitate to give Onx IT a call! We are more than happy to assist you in finding the best security solutions for your business as well as provide help with developing a business continuity plan.

For small business cybersecurity consulting that you can trust at an affordable price, call Onx IT today to begin the process! 

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