IT Infrastructure Outsourcing – IT Service Provider

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing – IT Service Provider

When it comes to IT infrastructure outsourcing, you should only trust service providers that have years of experience, a proven track record, and a strong relationship with their current clients. 

The IT infrastructure outsourcing market is booming with plenty of new companies promising to cut costs, manage your IT department, and offer support when needed. 

Unfortunately, these service providers might lack experience and may not fully understand every function of IT infrastructure as it pertains to your business - or worse - they just want to lock companies into contracts with no plans of fulfillment! 

We’d like to give you a better understanding of the need for IT infrastructure outsourcing, the benefits of using this service for your business, and how our IT service plans can work for you! Keep reading for more information about outsourcing your IT infrastructure!

What is IT Infrastructure Outsourcing?

IT or information technology is the use of computer systems to transmit, store, retrieve, and modify or manipulate data. The traditional use of the term IT deals with the daily operations of a business instead of focusing on personal technologies.

IT infrastructure can loosely be defined as all of the technical components required for the operations of your company as well as the devices involved in the management of an organization’s computer systems. These components will include hardware, software, operating systems, storage devices, and network connectors.

When you choose to outsource your IT infrastructure, you are choosing to trust a service provider with the most confidential parts of your business including the management of all computer systems, network connections, data backups, security, and hardware/software updates. 

Given that a provider will have access to sensitive data, you must verify their trustworthiness by asking for referrals, inquiring about the company’s hiring process, and learning about their security protocols.

An outsourced IT service provider takes on the responsibility of ensuring all components function properly. They will also be tasked with preventing technical issues and offering solutions when problems do arise. 

With this said, it is imperative for your chosen service provider to fully understand the importance of IT operations and applications as well as how they relate to your daily operations.

The Benefits of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing for Your Business

When it comes to your business operations, it is important to prioritize your profits and stay ahead of the curve with technology. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure allows you to meet both of these goals by offering a comprehensive approach that covers a multitude of areas:

  • IT is constantly and rapidly changing. Your service provider can help keep your hardware and software up-to-date, allowing you to continue to evolve as quickly as technology does. This helps to ensure that no time is wasted because of slow connections or computers

  • Your data is secure. Service providers with a long-standing history understand the need for data protection and will do everything they can to keep your company’s data safe. This protection can help prevent the downtime that occurs after a data breach and will also save on the costs of data recovery

  • Outsourcing labor in highly specialized fields, such as IT, tends to be more cost-effective because skilled workers gravitate toward higher-paying jobs with specialized companies. Choosing a third-party provider allows you access to the best available talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring technicians directly

  • You’ll no longer need a full-time internal IT staff and your other employees can focus on performing the tasks related to their jobs. By repositioning or downsizing your internal IT staff and keeping other employees focused, labor costs can be greatly reduced and productivity increased.

  • Outsourcing your IT infrastructure will mean that your business has access to scalable solutions. If your IT requirements happen to grow exponentially overnight, your infrastructure will be ready and in place by the morning

  • Choosing IT infrastructure outsourcing will mean that your business receives customized solutions to recurring or common problems, better network connections, and can easily follow regulatory guidelines as they pertain to data and network security

As you can see, the benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure reach far and wide. By reducing costs, IT infrastructure outsourcing provides a management tool you might not otherwise have access to.

Many of the headaches that come from the managing of your own infrastructure can quickly be solved by choosing a reliable and experienced IT service provider.

Our IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services

At Onx IT, we aim to provide a total IT infrastructure outsourcing solution. To do this, we ensure that your business receives all of the benefits listed above but we also go a few steps further. 

When you make the decision to turn the management of your IT infrastructure over to us, we take the time to review your business goals and evaluate your current IT environment. Once we’ve created an approved list of solutions, we begin working to implement them. 

Aside from managing your IT infrastructure, we are also always available to offer tech support and helpful insights - be it over the phone or on-site. Our skilled technicians are also adept at planning and completing any and all of your IT projects.

As a service provider, we aim to keep your costs low by learning about your specific needs and budgetary restrictions. We understand small business operations and therefore strive to keep the cost of our services low and predictable by offering monthly contracts.

Outsourcing Your IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure outsourcing is a cost-effective way to manage your data storage, network security, hardware upgrades, software updates, connectivity, and computer systems. You’ll find that daily operations and long-term projects occur with ease and that there are far fewer IT-related problems. 

If you’re interested in outsourcing your IT infrastructure, you need a service provider with a reputation for solid infrastructure and applications management - you need the professional technicians at Onx IT!

To find out about our pricing options and how we can effectively manage your IT infrastructure while offering customized business solutions, give us a call today! 

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