Outsourcing of IT Services – Managed IT Services Company

Outsourcing of IT Services – Managed IT Services Company

Outsourcing of IT services might be a foreign concept if you’re used to managing your IT needs in-house. When you choose to outsource services to a dedicated IT company, you will enter into a professional agreement that allows you the benefit of cloud services as well as in-person solutions to almost any type of technology problem!

Whether you’ve considered outsourcing your IT department before or have used managed services before, you need to learn what sets us apart from any other company and why choosing our team can give you the range of cost-effective support that you need, no matter your budget! 

Keep reading to find out more about the outsourcing of IT services and why your company should consider this option!

Why Choose Outsourced IT Support?

If you’re not entirely sure what outsourced IT support is, the answer is a pretty simple one. Instead of having your own internal department dedicated to your business’ technology and networking needs or relying on pay-as-you-go services from whichever company happens to be available, you can choose to have a dedicated third-party IT team handle all of your computer-related needs.

Opting to use managed IT services might simply mean that you call us when you have a problem with your internet connection or need to install a complicated update. It could also mean having access to complete cloud services, anti-virus software, network monitoring, managed DNS, and even backup services

When it comes to keeping your computers, business software, and networks safe, secure, and in great working condition, the outsourcing of IT services is the best possible, most budget-friendly solution that’s available! 

How to Find the Best Outsourced Service Providers

There are a ton of service providers claiming that their services are comprehensive, professional, timely, and able to solve a range of problems including those with software, hardware, and networking. Some of them may actually follow through on their word; some of them might only put a bandage on the problem, and others will take your money and run. 

In order to find the best outsourcing services, some research will be required. You’ll need to consider whether the company you choose has a great history of handling and solving IT problems as well as how they handle account management and customer service.

You’ll also need to be sure that they understand what it takes to meet the needs of your business, no matter how large or small. Some service providers focus only on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses while others deal specifically with larger corporations. You’ll want to choose an outsourcing partner that can grow and change as your business does.

One way to find a great outsourcing partner is to read their online reviews and if or how (or if) the company responds to any negative feedback. Unprofessional responses to online reviews should be a huge red flag; several poor reviews may mean that the company’s service isn’t as great as it once was.

You may also choose to ask around for referrals from another vendor or business in your market.

Once you have a few viable options, take a look at the website from each company. Check to see if they explain their services in a way that isn’t loaded with jargon and that non-IT people can easily understand. Look to see whether the business is local to your area - if they’re not, they’re going to have a hard time meeting your IT needs that require a hands-on approach. 

Finally, find out which outsourcing providers offer a variety of service tiers. If you’re a small business, you may only need a few support services. Oppositely, if your business is large-scale or has complex functions, you may need more comprehensive managed IT services.

Our IT Services

Choosing to use our services - whether you want to pay-as-you-go or would like to enroll in a monthly plan - means that you’re choosing the benefit of having IT professionals for around the clock support

You may be wondering about the types of services provided and that’s a great question! The list of service choices is quite extensive but here is a decent idea of outsourced IT support you can choose from or that can be included in your monthly fee:

  • Remote monitoring of your network and systems; dark web monitoring
  • Anti-virus software and Windows patch management
  • Phone and on-site support
  • Cloud backup
  • Real-time privilege management
  • Password management
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard License

We offer additional services such as VoIP, IT consulting, enterprise WiFi, managed websites, and other options that most service providers can’t compete with. 

Aside from our service tiers and a la carte services, we can also offer you a completely customized package to ensure that every one of your needs is met. We will implement any new technology that you need and repair any existing IT problems.

Should you choose one of our outsourcing contracts, you can expect that we will get to the root of any recurring IT problem and help prevent any new issues from arising. By deciding to use only one dedicated team (instead of multiple service providers) you’ll find that our professionals become familiar with your systems which means that you don’t waste time re-explaining the issue to several people.

Ready for Managed IT Services?

Outsourcing of IT services shouldn’t be taken lightly - you’re trusting another company to handle your most sensitive business needs and ensure that your organization’s systems are always operational.

Regardless of how small or large your company is, ONX IT has a solution that can fit your IT support needs at a cost that won’t break the bank! Choosing to use us as your outsourcing partner means that you have the peace of mind that comes from having managed IT services and the professional support services to continue running your company, hassle-free. 

To get started with outsourced IT support or a customized plan to fit your needs, give us a call to schedule a consultation and begin reaping all of the benefits we have to offer!

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